Hardware and Software Resale

Server and Client Systems

Reliable and powerful hardware and software to ensure business continuity over time

Appropriately chosen and configured hardware that is not prone to malfunctioning increases overall productivity: servers, networks, client personal computers and even the simplest IT equipment are important organisational assets, and even the smallest component is essential to be able to do one’s daily work.

All tasks can be accomplished on time and the reliability of the tools avoids slowdowns and interruptions due to an overloaded, overheated, or simply malfunctioning system.

Rely on us for strategic hardware and software choices!

Naquadria Colocation

Location of HCI servers in a Data Centre built to offer integrity, security and availability.

To deliver our cloud services, we chose a reliable partner to install our Sangfor hyperconverged system. Naquadria allows us to take advantage of full rack housing and colocation services, where housing management and protection are entrusted to their team of experts and interconnections to communication networks are redundant and guaranteed by multipath with major national partners. For a secure, reliable redundant infrastructure.

HCI Hyperconvergence

Sangfor: reliable, secure and cost-effective hyperconvergence.

A hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is part of a new technological leap forward in the virtualisation concept, combining all elements of the traditional data centre and managing their storage, processing, networking automatically and in an integrated manner, so as to achieve high standards of quality, flexibility and simplicity.
Reduced functional complexity, simplified management operations, increased overall system and network security.
The ultimate goal is to create and manage a flexible, simple and reliable infrastructure, with a focus on data protection in terms of very high IT security and Continuous High Reliability Management (HA and CDP).
It integrates with most available hardware solutions and migration from an existing infrastructure is fast and secure.

SOPHOS NextGen Firewalls

Protection and performance at the highest level (Appliance - Cloud - Virtual).

Sophos Firewall’s Xstream architecture protects the network from unknown threats, speeding up the traffic of essential SaaS, SD-WAN and cloud applications. The new SD-WAN capabilities in Sophos Firewall allow the network to reach extreme levels of performance, flexibility and resilience. The Sophos Firewall ecosystem offers unique advantages: it allows you to extend the protection, network and potential of your team. Rely on us for active and predictive protection of your network.


Complete opensource platform for e-mail security.

Proxmox Mail Gateway is the leading open source e-mail security solution that helps protect e-mail from all threats from the moment they initially emerge. The flexible architecture combined with the intuitive, web-based management interface automatically checks all incoming and outgoing e-mails and protects all users from spam, viruses, phishing and Trojans by removing dangerous and untrustworthy messages. Rely on us for active and predictive mail flow protection.

Microsoft 365

Office productivity with Microsoft 365.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, together with the Exchange Mail Server are the applications that enable maximum business and personal productivity. Together with them, new features related to simple webinar organisation (Teams) and reporting and Business Intelligence (Power BI) tools for advanced functions.

Always the best application software at your disposal in different versions and declinations.

Veeam Data Platform - Backup and Replication #1

Everything you need to protect your data.

Secure backup and fast data recovery for foolproof protection from ransomware with immutable, decoupled backup functionality. We provide organisations with resilience through a broad platform offering security, recovery and data freedom for hybrid cloud and local ‘on premise’ solutions. Rely on us for secure and unassailable backups.

NAKIVO - Backup and Replication

Fast, reliable and cost-effective backup solution.

Integrated data protection with up to 50 per cent lower cost. A single platform for all your workloads that enables fast backup and replication with powerful, ransomware-proof automation options so you have no worries in the future. Rely on us for secure and unassailable backups.

Vinchin Backup - Backup and recovery for HCI environments

Simple, fast, reliable and robust backup and recovery solution for hyperconverged environments.

The Sangfor HCI system integrates virtual processing, storage and networking into a single unified resource pool to enable simpler deployment of the enterprise data centre, and Vinchin Backup & Recovery continues to extend this simplicity as a reliable assistant for securing business-critical data. Process automation in an environment with high compatibility for the world’s most innovative VM backup and recovery capabilities.

ONTRACK - Secure data recovery

You regain possession of your data regardless of how the information was lost.

With Ontrack we can perform data recovery from internal and external hard drives of any brand, USB sticks, RAID systems, NAS, Tapes, based on any operating system. We have extensive experience with all types of data loss and are always able to recover data, even in the case of ransomware. If your HD is broken, damaged or otherwise no longer functions properly or you hear clicks or abnormal noises, let our technicians be the first to deal with your problem.

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