Technical Support

Remote Support

SGI provides two teleservice programmes that allow our technicians to carry out diagnoses and repairs on any computer connected to the Internet, acting directly from our premises: with this technology we are able in most cases to solve the reported problems very quickly. Both allow you to safely take control of the mouse, giving the technician the ability to operate as if he were using your PC.

What we do

Design and implementation of the entire local network infrastructure, including the analysis and implementation of specific software, through the following activities:

  • the selection and possible supply of system and application hardware and software for servers and clients (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android);
  • the configuration of networks in client/server technology based on all Windows, Linux and Mac OSX systems, with the aim of managing shares, e-mail systems and secure remote access to the site between peripheral sites;
  • virtualisation of server systems in a Proxmox VE, vmWare ESXi and/or Microsoft Hyper-V environment, according to identified needs;
  • the configuration of client workstations based on all systems (Windows, Linux and Mac OSX) with the installation of standard Office Automation software and any commercial or proprietary management applications;
  • implementation of security policies according to GDPR and ISO 27001 legal guidelines such as Active Directory, DMZ, user management, password policy, access control through hardware firewalls (Sophos), activity logging, backup and disaster recovery plans, and business continuity plans;
  • the secure management of Internet browsing, reporting and performance analysis, including the management of relationships with telematics service providers (managed brands Zyxel, Sophos, WatchGuard;
  • conducting training sessions for the company’s internal managers to maintain the system and ITC system users for the correct use of tools and technologies;
  • the maintenance of information systems in their entirety, with the coordination of any other service providers.

Average times

The designed system can become fully operational after approximately 7 days of intervention, depending on the number of PCs present; system maintenance is carried out with scheduled interventions at a predetermined frequency and in any case proportional to the size of the company. Interventions are mainly managed by remote assistance or with the on-site presence of specialised technical personnel. The methodologies adopted follow the ISO 27001 standard and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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