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SGI was set up in 1999 as a result of the realisation that one of the needs most felt by small and medium-sized enterprises was the need to solve many of their organisational and production management problems using IT tools, by coordinating and sharing company data in a multi-user environment.

Our objectives are IT hardware and software consultancy and the development of operational procedures to support the information system of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The solutions realised are characterised in the following aspects:

  • Implementation of application software in local and distributed (cloud) environments
  • Design and management of local and geographic client/server networks
  • Preparation of IT security certification procedures
  • Consulting services and training in 3D freeform NURBS modelling
  • Design, graphic study and realisation of websites and company portals
  • Training courses and technical support on Windows and Mac applications.

The Team

A team of trained and motivated people is available to customers to solve arising problems and to suggest new solutions to optimise business processes and simplify repetitive tasks.

Each of them, coordinated by the company owners, takes care of its own area of operation with passion and specific knowledge, in order to provide the expected service in a timely manner and create a lasting relationship of trust and familiarity with customers.

In addition to the employees, there is a team of collaborators, varying in number, to whom any activities of their specific competence are entrusted in the context of individual projects that remain, however, coordinated by the company owners who guarantee responsibility for the action and the result to be pursued.

Picture of Enrico Giuriolo

Enrico Giuriolo

Technical - Sales Manager

Picture of Massimo Rinaldi

Massimo Rinaldi

Technical - Sales Manager

Picture of Antonio Amici

Antonio Amici

Software Development | HelpDesk Support

Picture of Angela Buratti

Angela Buratti

Legality Protocol Manager

Picture of Christian Cescatti

Christian Cescatti

Technical Support | Systems Engineer | Security Manager

Picture of Dario Furlan

Dario Furlan

App Development | Software Development

Picture of Ivana Hidic

Ivana Hidic

Communication | Social

Picture of Lorenzo Lashkiba

Lorenzo Lashkiba

Junior Developer | HelpDesk Support

Picture of Michela Marcucci

Michela Marcucci

Frontender | Graphics | Head of Web Area

Picture of Gianluca Piovesan

Gianluca Piovesan

Full stack developer | Database admin | Software analyst

Picture of Matteo Umatche

Matteo Umatche

Technical Support

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You could be here!

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Integration of distributed corporate IT by analysing existing or hypothesised situations and comparing them with technology available on the market to optimise the productivity of the IT system itself.


  • Hardware and software supply
  • Networking & workgroup administration
  • 3D Modeling: CAD and freeform three-dimensional NURBS modelling
  • WEB Development: real time creation, management and updating of websites


  • Macroanalysis of needs
  • Definition of objectives with the customer
  • Design of integrated solutions
  • Planning of the implementation phases of the overall solution

Implementation & Development

  • Creation of websites and company portals
  • Assistance, updating and technical support
  • Training of company personnel


Design and implementation of computer programmes to integrate the company’s production cycle, through the analysis of the customer’s specific needs and market testing of existing solutions to be customised; implementation of multi-user software based on distributed geographic architecture (Private Cloud) and secure access (https) in native web mode.

  • Design and implementation of local and distributed network infrastructures through the selection and possible supply of hardware (Client and Server) and software (vmWare, Windows, Linux);
  • Configuration of servers and clients with the necessary functions (shares, e-mail systems, secure remote access);
  • Implementation of security policies according to legal guidelines, backup, disaster recovery and business continuity policies;
  • Maintenance of IT systems in their entirety.
  • Realisation of complete projects related to graphics and web presence, including the creation of the corporate image with homogeneous content between digital and print;
  • Implementation of the institutional website or portal integrated with corporate IT, with B2B or B2C logic. All with the aim of communicating and positioning their products, services and characteristic activities.
  • Strategic social media management to increase visibility, brand awareness, customer loyalty and sales;
  • Creating and sending newsletters to maintain direct and personalised contact with customers, informing and engaging them with targeted content.

The creation of a reliable and balanced hardware infrastructure requires components of proven quality and durability, complete with internal diagnostic systems with error prediction, for both the computational part (microprocessors and RAM memory) and the storage part (HDD and SSD hard disks).

This is why we are constantly keeping up to date with computer hardware and software technologies, to help you choose and supply reliable components with the right price/performance ratio, both for the Server side, for NextGEN Firewalls and Switches, and for individual user workstations and local peripherals.

Securing the network infrastructure, training of users,provision of mandatory documentation for the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), proceduralisation of activities, preparation for the spcertification ISO 27001 and ISO 22301.     Support activities in the analysis of the risks to which the infrastructure is exposed, their minimisation and planned revision.  

For more than twenty-five years, SGI has been a distributor of one of the best three-dimensional free-form modelling software: Rhino allows you to create, edit, analyse, document, render, animate and translate NURBS curves, surfaces, solids, SubD subdivision geometry, point clouds and polygonal meshes. There are no limits on complexity, grade or size, other than those of your hardware.

Thanks to our extensive experience in use and study, we can organise ‘General Training Courses’ and ‘Training on the Job’ sessions for you to enable you to optimally model any desired geometry, even if it is complex!



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