IT Security

Our certifications

In this respect, it is CSA Star Level 1 certified and is in the process of CSA Star Level 2 certification, to which ISO 27001:2013 is a prerequisite. The selection of critical service providers is always subject to their compliance with these standards, and no standard provider is admitted without a preponderance of methodologies equivalent to certification.

Customised consultations

SGI is also able to develop projects related to IT security consulting and prepares companies for ISO 27001:2013 and 22301:2020 audits, as well as GDPR standards.

In particular, we specialise in:


Checks and verifications of computer system procedures and configurations, according to checklists extracted from the ISO 27001:2013 standard on Information Systems Security.

Analysing the GDPR documentation prepared and carrying out internal audits in order to verify compliance with the regulation, indicating detailed actions to improve the security of the information system in the light of the evidence.

Activities to secure the IT system to make it consistent with the requirements of the new European Security Regulation, GDPR or more restrictive reference standards.

Installation of in-depth ITC analysis programmes (to be agreed with the CED) and structuring of the required automatic alarms.

Implementation of ITC process compliance with existing CED procedures.

ITC security training.

Structuring of ITC and GDPR questionnaires including interviews with a sample of users.

The output of all these activities are audit and compliance documents indicating any actions to be taken to set up countermeasures, as well as mandatory documentation for GDPR purposes such as:

  • Data processing register
  • Customer policy
  • Supplier information
  • Employee disclosure
  • Appointment of internal manager
  • External Manager Appointments
  • Appointments
  • Backup Management Procedure
  • Data Breach Procedure
  • Procedure Rights of the Data Subject

Our activities will be provided at your facility, while document processing and security scanning will be carried out at our offices.

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